02 January 2011

A New Year Resolution Breakfast

I love New Year's Day.  Burt feels nothing but disdain for, what he calls, a "made up holiday."  His view is that it is silly to celebrate the turning of a calendar page and that the only good thing about New Year's is the football.  My view, the right one, is that here is the chance for a clean sweep.  Out with the old, clean out the cobwebs, clear out the clutter (literally and figuratively), evaluate your life, make some resolutions!  Who says resolutions need be negative or punitive?  Maybe New Years is the holiday for the Eternal Optimist.

Resolutions for this year include following the advice of the Meal Makeover Moms and eating 2 cups of fruit per day and 2.5 cups of vegetables.  This is such an easier way for me to translate into my daily life as compared to "portions" or "exchanges" or "servings."  I know what 2 cups looks like.

The fruit part is easy.  I get that done during breakfast, but the vegetables are going to be a lot harder to do consistently.  And it probably means that I should, when I can, include veggies in every meal.

New Year's Day dawned, and I set out to make scrambled eggs and bacon.  After the bacon cooked, I checked the fridge for any leftover veggies to add to the eggs.  I found the scooped-out potato from the day before's baked potato skins, and I found some garlicky sauteed spinach from the night before.  Here's what I did.

1. After the bacon was done, I poured most of the grease in the grease bowl, leaving just a film.  Don't want to undermine the veggie effort too much.

2. I added the potatoes and gently stirred them around.  I wanted them to warm up and get a little crust.

3. I then added the spinach to take the chill off.  They were already pretty well-cooked.

4. While the veggies were cooking I mixed together 5 eggs (one egg per person plus one) and added a little milk.

5. I added the eggs to the skillet, and very gently stirred it all on low heat.

Burt and I thought it was one of the most delicious renderings of scrambled eggs we had ever tasted.  It was probably a little more grown-up than the boys wanted, but after the sample bite, Cool Guy had  a regular helping.  Encyclopedia only had the sample bite and then contented himself with bacon and an orange.  Which is fine.

Would I make it again?  Most definitely.  Would I have potato centers and spinach sitting in the fridge?  Probably never again at the same time.  But, and this is the point, I'll have something.  And off the top of my head, I can't think of any veggies that I would not put in scrambled eggs.  OK, maybe not eggplant, but I don't like eggplant.  And not lettuce, either.  But you get my point.  Save your veggies from the night before, warm them up, add eggs, and reap the benefits of delicious food and lots of good nutrition.

The time involved with this creation clocked in under 10 minutes.  I'm loving it.

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