16 January 2011

I Heart My Blender!

It has arrived,  The Blender for the Rest of My Life!  Ever since I have been married, I've had crummy blenders.  I've tried three and gotten nothing but frustration from them.  The old ones always get stuck, refusing to whirl the food around until I stop it, poke around with a spatula, start again, and 10 seconds later, repeat the process.  Yes, the job would eventually get done, but I was sure, sure there had to be a better blender out there.

To the internet!  According to reviews, yes, there are better blenders out there, costing about $400.  Uh, no.  I'm not going into the smoothie business, just wanting to make them with a little more ease.

Then, the family went to a big-city mall, and I stopped by Macy's home department and cruised through the blenders, looking at the blades of them.  I figured that blender effectiveness had to be tied up in horsepower and blades.  They all looked the same, just like my other one, until I found the Breville.  It had 6 blades, two of them larger, and serrated blades, and also more horsepower than the others.  But the price was still a lot higher than I was comfortable with, though half that of the mega-blenders.

More internet searches, reading reviews, looking around.  And then I found on Amazon, that I could buy a refurbished Breville for less than half the price.  But, and of course there's a but, the reviews mentioned problems, mainly with leaking.  More research, and finally I decided to take the gamble.

It arrived, and yesterday I decided to try it.  First I asked Burt to check for leaking with some water, and it did leak.  Then we got out the manual, disassembled it and put it back together, and voila, perfect!  And then on to the blending.  Wow!  I put in my smoothie stuff, pushed the Smoothie button (yes, it has a smoothie button, and was amazed.  First, it was really quiet.  Second, no stalling.  And it turned out a perfect smoothie.

Of course, I plan on using it for more than just smoothies.  OK, back to playing with my new toy.

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