05 January 2011

Fried Ham, Fried Ham

We had a ham for dinner on Sunday, so this week's breakfasts will include ham for the most part.  Yesterday, Encyclopedia requested fried eggs for today.  Usually, I cook some bacon to go with the eggs, but fried ham works pretty well, too.

1. I cut fairly thick slices of ham and put them on the skillet until they got a little brown on both sides.

2.  There wasn't any grease at all to speak of after frying the ham, so I put just a little bacon grease in the skillet.  I was using a non-stick skillet, so very little grease was needed.

3. I turned the heat down.  I have fried a lot of eggs badly in the past and have finally figured out that they are much better when cooked on low heat.

4. After cracking the egg in the skillet, I went ahead and broke the yolk, as we all wanted "fried hard" this morning.

5. The tricky part is figuring out when to flip the egg over.  Too soon, and you have a scrambled mess.  Too late, and you overcook one side.  There is a learning curve involved, but it's only eggs, not life-and-death.

And in very short order, you have the makings of a great breakfast: fried ham and eggs, toast with jelly, and a little mandarin orange.  I toasted the bread and peeled the oranged while waiting on the ham.  And now, I have the satisfaction of knowing that despite my cold, and despite that I'm spending the rest of the day in bed, accomplishing nothing, I have managed to send the boys to school well-nourished and able to make it until lunchtime.

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