Tech Manuals

These are the books where I receive most of my inspiration.  I turn to them again and again.

King Arthur Whole Grain Baking Book
I read this like a good novel - over and over again.  So many wonderful recipes, but more importantly, so much knowledge imparted on the science of whole grains, so that I can take off with my own ideas.

A Real American Breakfast
What an inspiring book!  They take breakfast beyond my wildest imaginings.  Another book I just like to READ.  A lot of the recipes are way too complicated for me and not in the realm of my very real life, but they are fun to imagine.

Love at First Bite
I picked this up at a yard sale, and then found a second copy at a used book sale.  It is written for kids to cook, so the recipes are geared toward kids' tastes.  It is very 70's (and out of print) and has some things, like adding raw eggs to morning shakes, that we probably wouldn't see in a book today, and that I wouldn't consider doing.  But the recipes are very health forward, fun, easy, and appealing to my boys.

Eating Well Magazine
A very good friend gave me a subscription for my birthday, and I have had such a great time learning good-tasting ways to feed my family in a healthy way.  There's always at least one thing that I like to try with each issue, and we haven't had a dud yet.