21 December 2010

Expanding My Orange Horizons

We have fruit every morning as part of our breakfast.  I can't think of any morning in my boys' 12 and 9 years that we didn't have fruit.  Nada.  I am so consistent with the fruit, that it's not even an issue.  They know they'll get it, and it's just not worth the hassle to resist. 

Not that eating fruit is onerous, but sometimes there are more tempting things to reach for.

One bright spot about this time of year is that it is orange season.  At some point in my past, I was blase about oranges, but now I look forward to their season and buy, buy, buy when the season arrives.  I always get navel oranges and only navel oranges.

This year, it has been slim pickin's for the better oranges.  I don't know why, but unless one shops at Wal-Mart or Sam's it seems that the navels are all thin-skinned and dried out.  I suspect a deal was made.  I don't WANT to go to Wal-Mart, and I'm not going to endanger my life in our town's worst parking lot at the absolute least sane time of year.  Not even for oranges.

Burt was at Kroger yesterday and, at my request, hand-selected some oranges from what was offered.  This morning, what a surprise to see that he brought home a different kind of navel: the Pink Navel, also known as the Cara Cara.  At first, I thought it was a blood orange, but I think those have seeds.  The sticker on the outside told me what it was.

Like all navels, it is easy to peel and seedless.  It is smaller than the Florida navels we usually get, but it is really, REALLY intense in flavor.  The color is gorgeous, being more like ruby than pink.  Everyone in the fam was excited about this new find.

If you see some Pink Navels, give them a try.

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