30 December 2010

Dinner for Breakfast

Don't start making gagging sounds at me.  It's not quite how it sounds.  I'm not serving beef stew - yet anyway.

No, what prompted this post was that I was up way too late last night watching my college team WIN their bowl game.  Being on Eastern Time, I didn't get to bed until 1:00, roughly 3-4 hours past my usual time, which means that I slept in this morning!  Until 7:00, I did.

What to have for breakfast?  Daylight (figuratively speaking since it was still dark) was burning.

Well.  We had pork tenderloin roast for Christmas dinner, and there were three slices left.  Perfect!  Fast, easy, full of flavor and protein.  Add some fruit: I had Grandma's Fruit Salad, Cool Guy had a banana, and Encyclopedia had an orange.  Finish the nutritional balance with some whole wheat toast with apple butter and some juice, and voila!  Very tasty, very satisfying, very filling way to start the day.  And it took less than 10 minutes to get it all ready.

This could have also been a planned breakfast; it just didn't happen to be so today.  But oftentimes, I will consider what we had for dinner and see whether I could successfully "repurpose" it for breakfast.  So a ham could become fried ham slices with biscuits, or some leftover roast beef could be hash, which is a super treat.  I have also used leftover stuffing as the main filler for breakfast and just served some fruit alongside to make a quite acceptable dish.

If you have some favorite Dinner for Breakfast ideas, I'd love to hear them.

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