29 August 2011

5-S Continued

As I mentioned a looooong time ago, I was going to tackle my Kitchen Reorganization Project in the 5 steps that Burt, aka my husband, outlined for me, otherwise known as 5 S.  The first "S", if you recall, was Sort.  Now for the second, which, thankfully, I won't dwell on, is Sweep.

In other words, clean it all out while you can.  Look, as long as you've gotten everything dragged out of your cabinets, you may as well get a bucket, solution, and a sponge and get it all cleaned up.  Not glamorous, I know, but it's one of those things that it's nice to have DONE.

I'm not really a spit and polish kind of gal, I'll be the first to admit.  At the end of the day, when I've been up more hours than most, have dealt with all my high-maintenance family members (excluding Burt who is very low maintenance, but definitely including The Dog), fixed dinner, dealt with the fallout of that, done the dishes, swept the floor, I just don't have a lot left in me to go wiping out the fridge, sweeping up crumbs in the cabinet, or whatever.  And it seems that "later" never comes.  I think there is definitely some wisdom to the old Spring Cleaning ritual.

I guess early June, which is when I was 5-S-ing, counts as springtime.

My solution for the bucket, btw, is just some white vinegar diluted with water.  It takes care of most stuff.  Long story short, I totally cleaned out the fridge, including taking out the drawers and cleaning in and around them, and wiped down all cabinets, inside and out.  For the woodwork, I used Murphy's Oil Soap, and finished it off with a treatment of Old English.  Things were looking pretty good, except as long as you didn't look in the middle of the kitchen where all the stuff was waiting to be put back in a proper place.  That we'll deal with soon.

Was I tired and worn out?  You betcha.  Don't like doing it, but like having DONE it.  That is what I tell myself when I try to talk myself out of doing what I ought.

Until next time.....

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